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Does anybody have a good example on how to use multiSelect field on a form? There is nothing in the documentation about it.

If I add it like any other field I get an error. I am using atk 4.2.

This code:

$f = $form->addField('multiSelect', 'name', 'Caption'); 

will raise this error


Method is not defined for this object

Additional information:

class: jUI
method: addPlugin
arguments: Array ( [0] => multiSelect )
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There was a bug in the 'dropdown' Form Field when using setAttr('multiple') which resulted in only returning the last selected value, this has now been resolved by ATK4 developers in github, see: https://github.com/atk4/atk4/pull/233

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That's a deprecated field type. You can use default dropdown and add multiselect option with setAttr method.

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Thanks, that worked, but then when I do form->get("multiselectfield") I get only the last value, not all selected values. –  zadof May 14 '12 at 2:17
$f = form->addField('DropDown', 'name','Caption')->setAttr('multiple')->setModel('Application');

But im still searching how to set some of records to be selected...

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