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I have a problem dialing a service command ( Ex: ATD*21#; ) , with a huawei modem , while it works perfectly well with a teracom modem with same set of AT commands and same SIM card ,

On teracom ,

phone_cmd(conn,"ATD**21*XXXXXXXXXXXX#;") //works for teracom (LW272) 

but the same command set, doesn't work on a huawei E173B-u modem, what am i missing here, can it possibly be some command or is it a hardware limitation ..

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For some supplementary services, It is recommended not to use AT commands. But you can enable the supplementary service by "AT" command and then try to use ATD. For example: +CLIR which suppress BCD in setup message can be activated by At+CLIR=2 After this if you call by ATD.. The called party cannot see calling party's number. With UI its simple to do the same exercise=> *31#XXXXXXXXXX

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You need to use 'at' command which is used to send USSD instead of dialing.

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