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Lets say I have this service:

public class Service

  public Service(IFactory factory)

  public void Method() 
      IInsatnce instance1 = factory.CreateInstance(params1);
      IInstance instance2 = factory.CreateInstance(params2);


I want to verify in tests that the methods on those created instances were called. As far as I am unserstanding I have to create mock of the factory which will be returning mock instances. But then, should I keep references on all instances of mocks that will be created in Method() and use them to verify methods calles? Is it the right approach?

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That's a pretty common use case. Yes, you must return mocks from mocked factory and then do the verification on that mocks. Here using syntax:

IInstance instanceMock1 = mock(IInstance.class);
IInstance instanceMock2 = mock(IInstance.class);
IFactory factoryMock = mock(IFactory.class);


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