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function TrackGraphic(model, canvas) {
    this._model = model;
    this.draw = function(context) {
        var dx = Math.cos(this._model.startAngle + Math.PI / 2);
        var dy = Math.sin(this._model.startAngle + Math.PI / 2);

        context.lineWidth = 10;
        context.moveTo(this._model.offsetX, this._model.offsetY);
        var p;
        for (var d = 0; d < this._model.length; d += 1) {
            if (d > 1000) {

                context.strokeStyle = "#2F2F2F" //"rgb(255,165,0)"; //0x2F2F2F

            } else {
                context.strokeStyle = "#FFF" //"rgb(255,165,0)"; //0x2F2F2F;

            p = this._model.getTrackPoint(d);
            context.lineTo(this._model.offsetX + p.x, this._model.offsetY + p.y)

The above code produces the lines in the canvas. The line is one color, I want to at the beginning or in any municipal color was different. My code does not work: (why?. How to fix it?

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either line sgments or use gradients for stright lines –  Alex May 15 '12 at 4:39

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Changing the color while you are constructing the path doesn't do anything. The color is applied only once, when stroke() is called, so the last strokeStyle you set will be the color of the entire line.

beginPath(), moveTo(), lineTo(), etc only create a path and that path itself has no color. Stroking or filling that path only ever apply a single color.

If you want a path that is multiple colors you will have to do one of two things:

Begin a path, do some number of lines, stroke it one color, and then begin another path that will be stroked with a different color. In other words:

// make a red line segment
ctx.moveTo(x, y);
ctx.lineTo(x, y);
ctx.strokeStyle = 'red';
// Begin a new path and make this line segment green
ctx.moveTo(x, y);
ctx.lineTo(x, y);
ctx.strokeStyle = 'green';

Or, depending on what you're doing you could also use a linearGradient

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I've done such a thing to the test. So that the color for the entire canvas was the same ... –  Piotr Stanek May 13 '12 at 18:14

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