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I was given a java project and I was trying to import it into Netbeans using the netbeansify command (in play framework). This project uses the gwt framework. The application runs well using the play run command. When I am trying to run project with netbeans, I am connected to localhost:9000 (the port that the play framework listens to). The following error message comes up in the browser.

Compilation error

The file /app/gwt/core/server/DSPServiceImpl.java could not be compiled. Error raised is : GWT2Service cannot be resolved to a type

In /app/gwt/core/server/DSPServiceImpl.java (around line 174)

 import controllers.utils.DateUtil;
 import controllers.utils.DateUtil.Time;


 public class DSPServiceImpl extends GWT2Service implements DSPService {

. . . . .

It may be a really newbie issue but could someone help me in case I should do something more?

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