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What does Simperium tried to send object changes for nil key mean and how can I debug / fix it?

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This will occur if an object doesn't have a simperiumKey. Some things to check:

  1. Does your entity inherit from a parent entity in your model file (usually SPManagedObject) that has the simperiumKey attribute of type String?

  2. Is the class for your entity set to SPManagedObject? Or, if you're using a custom subclass, have you updated the header file for your subclass to inherit from SPManagedObject instead of NSManagedObject?

  3. If you're manually adding the simperiumKey attribute to a model (for example, to micromanage your tables: Inherit from SPManagedObject), you may also need to manually add the simperiumKey and ghostData variables to your custom subclass if you have one.

We'll also improve the log message to give you a better indication of what is happening in this case.

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