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Load local HTML file in a C# WebBrowser

I´m creating program in C# (VS 2010), and I´d like to show help file. I created file help.htm. This file is included to solution in help directory. And I´d like this htm file load to webBroswer in Dialog. But there is a probelm, when I try to use relative path.

            HelpWindow helpwin = new HelpWindow(); //creating new window

            Uri helpUri = new Uri ("help\\pm_view.htm",UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute); //setting path

            helpwin.webBrowser.Navigate(helpUri); //navigating webBroswer

After that, i get error: Relative URIs are not allowed. Parameter name: source

There is my C# solution schema in picture:

enter image description here

Please can anyone help?!

Thanks a lot!

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Not the question but did you consider a FlowDocument? They display nicely in WPF. –  Blam May 13 '12 at 17:15

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Have you tried using


as per this answer: Answer on relative paths in WPF?

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I wrote a short article about this: WebBrowserEx: WinForms WebBrowser + HTTP Server

The code is for WinForms, but you could modify it for WPF.

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