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I'm currently writing some pretty basic code for a shopping cart on a webpage (it's for an assignment, and I'm restricted to JS, HTML and CSS)

I'm trying to fill in a table that fills with whatever is contained in a series of arrays (Name[], Quantity[] and Sum[]). I already have a for the table, and the div I'm writing into is within a table. Yet whenever I run the webpage, the table and its contents are always written before my as a seperate table.

I'm not entirely sure on what's gone wrong, so here's the code: HTML:

    <table border="1">
           <th>Sum Total</th>
        <div id="cart"></div>


    function ViewShoppingCart(){
        document.getElementById("cart").innerHTML = ""; // Empties the cart

        for (var i=0; i<Name.length; i++) {
            var tr= document.createElement("tr");
            var td= document.createElement("td");
            var td1= document.createElement("td");
            var td2= document.createElement("td");
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<div> is not a valid child of <table>. The browser is rearranging the DOM that represents your markup in an attempt to make sense of it.

If you want a div in a table, that div will have to be in a <th> or <td>.

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your html is wrong. you cannot put a <div> inside a <table> tag. it needs to be inside <td> instead.

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