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I am new to phpunit and unit testing in general. I am attempting to convert a large app to cakephp 2.0 and make unit tests for everything.

I am trying to create a mock object in which when, $this->Session->read('Auth.Account.id') is called, it returns 144... this will give an account with an id that has items.

however, I get an error as the Mock seems to be erroring out on other Session::read('AuthCode') calls in various beforeFilter calls;

Expectation failed for method name is equal to when invoked 1 time(s) Parameter 0 for invocation SessionComponent::read('AuthCode') does not match expected value. Failed asserting that two strings are equal.

Like I said I am new to phpunit and unit testing... what am I doing wrong?

class PagesController extends MastersController {
        public function support(){
        if($this->Session->read('Auth.Account.id')) {
            $items = $this->Account->Items->find('list', array('conditions'=>array('Items.account_id'=>$this->Session->read('Auth.Account.id'))));           

class PagesControllerTestCase extends CakeTestCase {
     * Test Support
     * @return void
    public function testSupport() { 
        #mock controller
        $this->PagesController = $this->generate('Pages', array(
            'components' => array(

                #mock controller expects
                ->method('read') #Session:read() method will be called at least once
                ->with($this->equalTo('Auth.Account.id')) #when read method is called with 'Auth.Account.id' as a param
                ->will($this->returnValue(144)); #will return value 144

        #test action
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I'm I at least thinking correctly... is $this->PagesController->Session->expects($this->once())->method('read')->with('A‌​uth.Account.id')->will($this->returnValue(144)); is suppose to return 144 when Session::read('Auth.Account.id') is called only once? It's not suppose to fire when Session::read('AuthCode') is fired in a beforeFilter call... right? Like I said I am new to phpunit and unit testing in general, but I think it is supported to do this, right? –  devnull May 16 '12 at 19:10

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I've decided to just write the Sessions out manually. Like they do is the SessionComponentTest in the core.


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You should access Auth session variables with the Auth component and not the Session component.

Instead of

if($this->Session->read('Auth.Account.id')) {


if ($this->Auth->user('Account.id')) {

Same goes for your Items::find call.

Mocking the Auth component is still the way to go.

class PagesControllerTestCase extends CakeTestCase {

should be

class PagesControllerTestCase extends ControllerTestCase {

and then in your test:

$PagesController = $this->generate('Pages', array(
    'components' => array(
        'Auth' => array('user')

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