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When I try to act on some HTML elements in the onRender method (or in a item:rendered callback), it fails.


Bars.EditGallery = Backbone.Marionette.ItemView.extend
  template: 'bars/edit_gallery'
  className: 'edit-gallery'

  onRender: ->
    # If I just write @$('select').chosen(), it doesn't work
    # despite the jQuery object contains what I expect.
    # To get it working, I have to write:
    callback = -> @$('select').chosen()
    setTimeout(callback, 0)

It's the same with others actions, like giving the focus to a field.
How do you deal with that? The trick with setTimeout works but it is not very elegant.

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I've seen this happen when the templates used for rendering are loaded asynchronously. I thought I a pull request had fixed this in a recent release. What version of Marionette are you using?

But it looks like you're using JST, anyways, so that shouldn't be the problem. Is there anything else in your setup that is causing the render to happen asynchronously?

It seems likely that there is some asynchronous issue happening, though. Since using setTimeout fixes the problem, that makes me think the rendering is not completing before the onRender method is called.

Also - it can be hard tell if the jQuery selector is actually returning the object you want, right away. If you're using console.log to check the selector, this may be giving false results. console.log is itself asynchronous (in most browsers, anyways... not sure about all) which means the request to log the item gets queued up at the end of the event loop. It's likely that the DOM element is available by the time the logging happens.

FWIW: I use onRender for this exact purpose on a regular basis, and I've never had to use setTimeout to make it work. So my assumption is something funny going on with the rendering process, related to async stuff.

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I noticed that the problem does not occur when I use $(selector) instead of this.$(selector). – Romain Tribes May 14 '12 at 15:40
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This problem is caused by Chosen, as mentioned in this issue.

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