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I have searched for this before posting.. I have a page in my site where I need to refresh the data every X seconds. I am using `

var s= setInterval(function()

    $('#responsecontainer').fadeOut("slow").load('table_data.php?pair_id=<?echo $pair_id?>').fadeIn("slow");

}, 5000);

var s= setInterval(function()


}, 5000);


It works fine in FF and Chrome but not in IE8. I don't mind to see that it loads the data every time, but it doesn't even do tha, I tried writing


and it loads old data from the file even though I change it.

The page is here (it's in hebrew, btw) any help??

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If it's loading the old data, the problem might be browser caching. Try $.ajaxSetup({cache: false}) before the first .load() call. If that fixes it, you should look at fixing the HTTP response headers that you're sending, specifically the cache-related ones (Cache-Control, Pragma, ETag, Last-Modified, Expires). –  Matt Ball May 13 '12 at 16:15

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Your table_data.php page is returning 304 Not Modified, meaning you have it set to cache. Add headers to that file to prevent cacheing and it should work fine.

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hi guys, thanks it worked - the data now refreshes. But the fade in , dae out still doesn't work in exploer. Instead I get a flicker in the div below whick contains flash (#history graph, this happens in every browesers). –  devmonster May 14 '12 at 6:45

Make sure the page is not cached. A typical approach is to use a unique timestamp or a value like

'table_data.php?pair_id=<?echo $pair_id?>&no-cache=' + (new Date()).getTime()
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