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Given a list

a = range(10)

You can slice it using statements such as


However, I want to do this based on a variable set elsewhere in the code. I can easily do this for the first one

i = 1

But how do I do this for the other one? I've tried indexing with a list:

i = [2, 3, 4]

But that doesn't work. I've also tried using a string:

i = "2:4"

But that doesn't work either.

Is this possible?

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that's what slice() is for:

a = range(10)
s = slice(2,4)
print a[s]

but that's not really so much different then using a[2:4].

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Why does it have to be a single variable? Just use two variables:

i, j = 2, 4

If it really needs to be a single variable you could use a tuple.

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>>> a=range(10)
>>> i=[2,3,4]

>>> a[i[0]:i[-1]]
range(2, 4)

>>> list(a[i[0]:i[-1]])
[2, 3]
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With the assignments below you are still using the same type of slicing operations you show, but now with variables for the values.

a = range(10)
i = 2
j = 4


print a[i:j]
[2, 3]
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