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I am trying to pass some values to another View from the Controller. My code so far;

success: function (response) {                            
    var text = response.responseText;
    if (result.status == "OK") {
            title: 'Hello World ',
            html: ['<div>', '<b>HELLO PEOPLE</b>: ', '</div>'].join('')

The above code displays the html in another view.

In my project structure, i have a View called AnotherView.JS, i need to call this View, and pass the values to that view (AnotherView.JS). How can i modify the code to make these changes ?

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Anyone can help me here ? –  user1315906 May 14 '12 at 15:00

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Let's say you have two views FirstView and SecondView (xtype:'secondview') and you're in your FirstViewController, you need to add a reference to your second view like so :

config: {
  refs: {
    first: 'firstview',

Then, you can get the second view with this.getSecond() and do whatever you want with it

Hope this helps

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