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Im looking forward to expand one of my gtkmm treeview columns so it would use all the space left, and shrink other columns... Its there any way to do this?

m_ScrolledWindow.set_policy(Gtk::POLICY_AUTOMATIC, Gtk::POLICY_AUTOMATIC);

m_refTreeModel = Gtk::ListStore::create(m_Columns);

m_TreeView.append_column("ID", m_Columns.m_col_id);
m_TreeView.append_column("Task", m_Columns.m_col_task);
m_TreeView.append_column("Time", m_Columns.m_col_time);
m_TreeView.append_column("Date", m_Columns.m_col_date);
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Do you want to hide the other columns completely? – ergosys May 14 '12 at 2:47
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EDIT: I was wrong, see correct way below (works in my code)

You would need to do this:


(replace '1' with actual position counting from 0 and left to right)

Note: This just makes column 'n' take up all free space. It won't hide any other columns.

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Im getting errors when building... /usr/include/gtkmm-2.4/gtkmm/treeviewcolumn.h:121:19: error: ‘Gtk::TreeViewColumn& Gtk::TreeViewColumn::operator=(const Gtk::TreeViewColumn&)’ is private /home/juanchi/MeTaskManager/src/gui.cpp:38:34: error: within this context – JuanCB May 17 '12 at 3:48
Try m_TreeView.set_expander_column(*(m_TreeView.get_column(n)); (Where 'n' is the column number from 0) – senshikaze May 20 '12 at 15:24

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