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I'm using and imported my blog, but accidentally left it to import images. I don't want that so now I want to strip the images from about 2,000 individual markup files. If you're familiar with markdown you'll know an image is designated like such

![optional alt text](url/link "optional title")

update: upon further inspection a few images are also links so they are contained like this:

[![alt text](image link "title text")](url image links to)

sample text:

[![Hollywood: An Empire of Their Own (A&E DVD Archives)](images/51EEVBAA32L._SL160_.jpg)Hollywood: An Empire of Their Own (A&E DVD Archives)]( 
"lucid, inviting work of social history" (The New York Times) highlights the 
bold and enduring vision of the Jewish immigrants who founded Hollywood and reinvented American culture.
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Just strip out everything between the tokens ![ and ). Note that the optional trailing space is important, since links can be surrounded by other text.

sed --in-place='.bak' 's/!\[.*)[[:space:]]\?//' [file ...]
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I just added an update, in case of an image that is contained within a link. Would this still work? I haven't tried it yet. –  Poe May 13 '12 at 20:54
I think you mean [.*] Not [.*) –  jerrygarciuh Oct 18 '13 at 16:26

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