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i need to have a toolbar similar to this one :

enter image description here

I tried with a NSSegmentedControl with the NSSegmentStyleSmallSquare style but it doesn't look like the Xcode toolbar.

Also, i need to have a split view like in XCode with a very thin border (of one pixel ?) but the NSSplitView hasn't this style (even with NSSplitViewDividerStyleThin).

Is there a way to achieve this in Interface Builder or with another way (override drawRect ?) ?

Thank you

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Not really. I mean you could probably use a few UIButtons with images and additional UIImageViews for the gradient background, but considering that this would be completely static (no easy way to rearrange the tabs, add a new tab, etc) I would really recommend writing your own tab control for that.

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I finally wrote my own tabview : github.com/johnmph/CustomControls –  Johnmph May 25 '12 at 16:22

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