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In Notepad++ (latest version 6.1.2), is there any auto completion for XML (in terms of automatically add closing tag)?

E.g. when typing


I want Notepad++ to automatically add


Thanks for any hint!

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There's a plugin called "XML Tools" which you can get via Notepad++'s plugin manager. There's an option there called "Tag auto close", which adds the end tag. –  funseiki Sep 4 '12 at 1:06

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I know there is an HTML plugin that is included in the recent versions which does some tag closing for you. But I haven't heard of a XML one. There is probably one out there though if you look. But if not, its not too hard to write a plugin using C#, if you have it.

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Hmm OK, was just wondering if I missed a setting for this / it's already built in. Will stay at Eclipse for XML (also requires plugin for auto completion). –  stefan.at.wpf May 15 '12 at 21:42

First, download the TextFX plugin using Plugin Manager

Plugins > Plugin Manager

Then select the following menu

TextFX > TextFXSettings > Autoclose XHTML/XML <Tag>
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Just so its obvious, you have to download TextFX via the plugin manager first. –  Cadab Jul 3 '13 at 14:58
Perfect. How do we get this as the accepted answer since the one right now doesn't apply? –  ScottN Oct 2 '13 at 16:21

XML Tools from the Plugin Manager can do the trick as well. Then once download the plugin, tick Tag auto-close in Plugins > XML Tools

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For newer versions of Notepad++ try

Preferences > Auto Completion > Auto Insert > html/xml close tag

Note that the file extension must be .xml, .html, etc. for this feature to activate. I'm not sure when this feature was introduced but it is in v6.7.9.

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More exactly, the language of the file (which can be changed in the Language menu) must be either HTML or XML. So you could have a .php file with the language changed to HTML and the autocomplete will work. That's a shame. The best solution is to use the TextFX plugin as noted in the answer by Hoa. –  renocor Aug 19 at 12:20

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