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My question is about $wpdb methods in wordpress. Before running these methosd for example:

$wpdb->get_var ...

are we need to escape/filter inputs? Is this required/prefered for every method or only some?

Is this enough for example to deal with all ilegal chars (example from wordpress codex) :

    "DELETE FROM $wpdb->postmeta
     WHERE post_id = '13'
    AND meta_key = 'gargle'
,$id, $key )


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The example from wordpress codex pages has an error. They should use the %d and %s instead of '13' and 'gargle':

    "DELETE FROM $wpdb->postmeta
     WHERE post_id = %d
    AND meta_key = %s
    ", $id, $key )

However, you should check the variables' content type every time. You need to insure that the types are correct. For example, check that the 'post_id' variable content is an integer.

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