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I am new to PHP and having trouble using Global variables. I have a global array called profile. However, when I declare access the contents of a specific index of profile, 'authorized', the value does not change outside of the function is was set in. I fear that it might be due to the fact that the 'authorized' index was not declared in the array when the array was declared. However, there are instances of this occurring with other indexes so I'm not really sure. Any help would be really helpful!

Declaration of profile:

 * User profile
 * @name $profile
 * @global array $GLOBALS['profile']
$GLOBALS['profile'] = array(
    # Basic Config - Required
'username' => 'tom',
'x' => 'filler',
'y' => 'filler',
'salt' => 'filler',

    # Optional Config - Please see README before setting these
#   'microid'   =>  array('mailto:user@site', 'http://delegator'),
#   'pavatar'   =>  'http://your.site.com/path/pavatar.img',

    # Advanced Config - Please see README before setting these
    'allow_gmp' =>  true,
#   'allow_test'    =>  false,
#   'allow_suhosin' =>  false,
#   'auth_realm'    =>  'phpMyID',
#   'force_bigmath' =>  false,
#   'idp_url'   =>  '',
#   'lifetime'  =>  1440,
#   'paranoid'  =>  false, # EXPERIMENTAL

    # Debug Config - Please see README before setting these
#   'debug'     =>  false,
#   'logfile'   =>  '/tmp/phpMyID.debug.log',

Function where profile['authorized'] is set:

 *Handles the validation of the signature from the user
function validate_mode()
global $profile;


$qString = strtoupper('abc');
$pString = strtoupper('abc');
$gString = '10';
$aString = strtoupper($_POST['a']);
$zString = strtoupper($_POST['z']);
$yString = strtoupper($_POST['y']);
$cString = $_POST['c'];
$c = gmp_init($cString, 16);

$q1 = gmp_init($qString, 16);
$p1 = gmp_init($pString, 16);
$g1 = gmp_init($gString, 16);
$a = gmp_init($aString, 16);
$z = gmp_init($zString, 16);
//$hex_y = base64_decode(yString);
$y = gmp_init($yString, 16);
//echo $yString;

$hash = sha1($pString,false);

$hash = $hash . sha1($qString,false);
$hash = $hash . sha1($gString,false);
$hash = $hash . sha1($yString,false);
$hash = $hash . sha1($cString,false);
$hash = $hash . sha1($aString,false);
$full_hash =sha1($hash,false);

//echo $full_hash;
if (gmp_cmp($z, $q1) < 0)
        $temp_ans = gmp_powm($a, $q1, $p1);
        if (gmp_cmp($temp_ans, 1) == 0)

                $this_hash = gmp_init($full_hash, 16);
                $temp_pow = gmp_powm($g1,$z,$p1);
                $temp_inner =gmp_powm($y,$this_hash, $p1);
                $temp_mid = gmp_mul($a, $temp_inner);
                $temp_pow2 = gmp_mod($temp_mid, $p1);

                if (gmp_cmp($temp_pow, $temp_pow2) == 0)
                    $compare = strcmp($cString,$_SESSION['challenge']);
                    if ($compare == 0)
                        $_SESSION['auth_url'] = $profile['idp_url'];

                        $profile['authorized'] = true;
                        // return to the refresh url if they get in
                    }//ends the $compare == 0;
                        echo "The session stored challenge value does not match the one supplied"."\n";
                }//ends the gmp_cmp if statement.
                    echo"g^z mod p doesn't equal a*y^c mod p"."\n";
        }//ends the if($temp_ans ==1)
            echo"a^q  mod p does not equal 1 so we exited"."\n";
    }//ends the if comparing of z and q
        echo"Z is greater than Q so it is exiting"."<br>";
}//ends the validate mode

The function where profile['authorized'] is accessed and the value has not changed:

function id_res_mode () {
    global $profile;
echo "authorization".$profile['authorized'];

    if ($profile['authorized'])
        wrap_html('You are logged in as ' . $_SESSION['username']);

    wrap_html('You are not logged in');
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I thought you could access the global variables in php in two ways $GLOBALS["profile"] and if you put the keyword global $profile in the beginning of the function. At least thats what in the PHP Manual here: php.net/manual/en/language.variables.scope.php –  tpar44 May 13 '12 at 22:20
That comment was in response to someone else's who I guess deleted theirs. –  tpar44 May 13 '12 at 22:21
have you included the declaration file in each of these code? –  Sunil Kartikey May 13 '12 at 22:29

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You didn't declare authorized in the array. Just FYI, for next time you're debugging, you would have gotten an "undefined index" warning if you had error reporting for warnings turned on.

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