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I keep getting an invalid_grant error on trying to get an oAuth token from google to connect to their contacts api. All the information is correct and I have tripple checked this so kind of stumped.

Does anyone know what may be causing this issue? I have tried setting up a different client id for it but I get the same result, I have tried connecting many different ways including trying the force authentication, but still the same result...

Thanks in advance

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I ran into this problem when I didn't explicitly request "offline" access when sending the user to the OAuth "Do you want to give this app permission to touch your stuff?" page.

Make sure you specify access_type=offline in your request.

Details here: https://developers.google.com/accounts/docs/OAuth2WebServer#offline

(Also: I think Google added this restriction in late 2011. If you have old tokens from before then, you'll need to send your users to the permission page to authorize offline use.)

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Thanks will check it out! :) –  André Figueira May 14 '12 at 21:58

The Service Account ID to use for create the Credential is the application's email address. But, be careful to use the address mail of the account service and not the webapp.

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I encountered the same problem. For me, I fixed this by using Email Address (the string that ends with ...@developer.gserviceaccount.com) instead of Client ID for client_id parameter value. The naming set by Google is confusing here.

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I had the same error message 'invalid_grant' and it was because the authResult['code'] send from client side javascript was not received correctly on the server.

Try to output it back from the server to see if it is correct and not an empty string.

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I ran into this same problem despite specifying the "offline" access_type in my request as per bonkydog's answer. Long story short I found that the solution described here worked for me:


In essence, when you add an OAuth2 Client in your Google API's console Google will give you a "Client ID" and an "Email address" (assuming you select "webapp" as your client type). And despite Google's misleading naming conventions, they expect you to send the "Email address" as the value of the client_id parameter when you access their OAuth2 API's.

This applies when calling both of these URL's:

Note that the call to the first URL will succeed if you call it with your "Client ID" instead of your "Email address". However using the code returned from that request will not work when attempting to get a bearer token from the second URL. Instead you will get an 'Error 400' and an "invalid_grant" message.

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Absolutely ridiculous: Especially the part where it works with the client_id if you get an initial refresh token. Googles API and their documentation is a mess. –  Traubenfuchs Mar 4 at 14:24
I was banging my head against this issue for so many hours. I never expected that 'client_id' was not what was expected for the 'client_id' field. Except the occasional time when you do get a refresh_token and it does work. Pretty sure the words I have for google at the moment can't be said on SO. –  Justin Apr 26 at 7:01

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