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So I need to simulate a click on a specific position on some DisplayObject. That's easy:

myObject.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, true, true, 200, 200));

The problem I'm having is that I need to dispatch a MouseEvent on some button IF it's at the position of the click in the container. But that won't happen so far...

My logic is that if I dispatch the event directly on the container, the event can't be dispatched on some child. But I'm not sure that is correct.

So how can I do that? How can I dispatch an even to a DisplayObject and affect its children if there are indeed children at

Any ideas?


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So I figured it out.

I need to use getObjectsUnderPoint() first to know what objects are under the coordinates, then figure out which is the top object, and then generate the MouseEvent on that object.

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