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Anyone knows a good tutorial for a beginner in Selenium and jUnit ?
I already have a background in unit testing and acceptance testing (RSpec and Capybara on Rails 3), and now I'm starting this new project with JavaEE and I'm looking for a quick start with both of this technologies.

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I'm doing some extensive reading/research about this subject so I'll share the good articles/slidshows/books/answers I found:

Finally, you probably want to look at a mocking framework (ie. Mockito, JMock, EasyMock):

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You may want to look at TestNG, seems better than JUnit from what I read –  Adrien Be Sep 12 '12 at 14:10

The following links were found by going to google and typing "junit selenium guide" and pressing enter. Did you not try this, or were they not sufficient? You should always do your own research before posting a question.

jroller Tutorial

Scribd Alan Richardson Tutorial

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I guess you want to use cutting edge technology such as the Selenium Webdriver or even Grid2- which offer a whole lot of considerable improvements.

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I would suggest that you use TestNG instead of JUnit. TestNG offers you more options and possibilites how to run your tests and in which order especially (something Junit can't). Here some useful links.

Hope that helps

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