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I'm a little new to all this... I want to create a new tablespace that will contain all my tables and indexes.

first the tablespace code..

create tablespace  Sales_T  
datafile      'C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\oradata\project\dataexample.dbf'  
size 100m 
autoextend on next 100m;

and then the user that will be assigned on this space:

create user app_admin identified by "p4ss" default tablespace
sales_T temporary tablespace temp; 

grant connect, resource to app_admin; 

grant dba to app_admin;

Logging in to app_admin user, I can create tables but can't query or insert data into them, which privileges do I need to grant to?

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your creation of tablespace and tables succeeds ??? – Addicted May 14 '12 at 4:46

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Use this

grant imp_full_database to p4ss;

This will lets you access your database and let you query over it.

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and.. its solved! tyty – omorfopanta May 14 '12 at 5:01

The quota may be the problem:

sql>select username,tablespace_name,max_bytes from dba_ts_quotaS WHERE USERNAME='p4ss';

no rows selected
quotas are not allocate for p4ss user

sql> alter user p4ss quota unlimited on sales_T;

sql>select username,tablespace_name,max_bytes from dba_ts_quotaS WHERE USERNAME='p4ss';

USERNAME                       TABLESPACE_NAME                 MAX_BYTES
------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------
P4SS                           SALES_T                                 -1

-1 means unlimited

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Please include an explanation of what your commands are supposed to do, and why you think they will help solve the problem. I made a guess, but please edit the answer again if I misunderstood, or if you can make it clearer. – criticalfix Sep 23 '14 at 15:01

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