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how can one get the caller of function within a function in lua?

Specifically I'm looking (for debug purposes in the command output, e.g. print) the ability to log when a common function is called, with an indication of where it was called from.

This could be just the filename of where it was called from for example


File 1 - Has commonly used function 

File 2 - Calls of the the file one functions

PS Mud - I actually get a nil when doing this - is this normal then? No way to get more info in this case:

Called file;

SceneBase = {}
  function SceneBase:new(options)
return SceneBase

Calling file:

local scene =
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debug.getinfo(2).name will give you the name of the calling function if it has one and it is a string. If it's an anonymous function, you'll get nil, if it's stored in a table using something other than a string key, you'll get ?.

function foo() print(debug.getinfo(2).name) end

-- _G["foo"] => function name is a string
function bar() foo() end
bar() --> 'bar'

-- _G[123] => function name is a number
_G[123] = function() foo() end
_G[123]() --> '?'

-- function has no name
(function() foo() end)()  --> 'nil'
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thanks - I'm getting a "nil" in the case I have - I put as a PS in my original post - no way to get more info here? – Greg May 14 '12 at 21:02
name gives you the calling function name. In your example, there is no name (the calling function is a compiled Lua file, and the chunk isn't assigned to anything with a name). If you want to the name of the calling file, then you can use source or short_src instead of name. – Mud May 14 '12 at 22:09
fantastic - thanks – Greg May 14 '12 at 23:29

The Lua debug library lets you get the stack trace.

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I see that with "print ("Info: ", debug.getinfo(1).short_src)" I can get info on the current function. But replacing the getinfo parameter with a 2 to get details of the function that called it didn't seem to work. Am I on the right track here? – Greg May 14 '12 at 7:30

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