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Are there some tools for detecting memory leaks in nodejs? And tell me about your experience in testing nodejs applications.

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I read this blog and i find it helpful, dtrace.org/blogs/bmc/2012/05/05/debugging-node-js-memory-leaks –  tawfekov May 14 '12 at 8:48

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The following tool should be useful for spotting memory leaks:


And there's also a tutorial to help you find memory leaks here:


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In tracking down a memory leak I tried the above node-inspector.
As of April 2012 it was not updated to work with the contemporary node release v0.6.12 As such I found: https://github.com/c4milo/node-webkit-agent.
It was able to show heap snapshots for the newer V8 engine which wasn't supported by node-inspector. In short order I was able to detect the leaking module (in may case loggly), I hope you have similar success!

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This works pretty well. I used this for node v0.8.x too –  Arunoda Susiripala Dec 28 '12 at 12:26
+1 for node-inspector is broken. –  liuyanghejerry Jun 25 '13 at 3:32

I could also recommend following sources:

  1. following episodes of NodeUp, where profiling and memory leaks detection tools are discussed:

  2. This article - Tracking Down Memory Leaks in Node.js – A Node.JS Holiday Season, which basically aggregates all widely known modules and techniques to track down memory leaks

  3. For Mac OS - Instruments tool could be helpful to debug native (C++) modules. It is not so sophisticated as SmartOS tools, but very easy to setup.
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I use Chrome dev tools and heapsnapshot file directly, not node-inspector or node-webkit-agent.

require() the heapdump module.

Send usr2 signal to the running nodejs process to get heapsnapshot file.

Load the heapsnapshot file on the profiles tab of Chrome dev tools.

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