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Test if a string is basically an integer in quotes using Ruby?


The first string is a number, and I can just say to_i to get an integer.
The second string is also a number, but I can't directly call to_i to get the desired number.

How do I check whether I can successfully convert using to_i or not?

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There's an Integer method that unlike to_i will raise an exception if it can't convert:

>> Integer "1"
=> 1
>> Integer "one"
ArgumentError: invalid value for Integer(): "one"

I guess you could use that with an inline rescue:

Integer(foo) rescue nil

If your string can be converted you'll get the integer, otherwise nil (or whatever else you want to put behind the rescue).

While having an exception raised may seem like overkill, the Integer method is the most comprehensive check I know of in Ruby (e.g. "09" won't convert because the leading zero makes it octal and 9 is an invalid digit). Covering all these cases with regular expressions is going to be a nightmare.

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