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I'm trying to remove the sidebar from my Spree app.

In my apps/override/remove_sidebar.rb:

  :virtual_path =>"layouts/spree_application",
  :name => "remove_sidebar",
  :remove => "[data-hook='homepage_sidebar_navigation']")

Is there anything else that I am missing? The server detects the override, but nothing happens.


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[data-hook='homepage_sidebar_navigation'] doesn't appear in layouts/spree_application

This appears in the following files and the override works fine there: core/app/views/spree/home/index.html.erb core/app/views/spree/products/index.html.erb

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Fixed my own problem:

In apps/override/remove_sidebar.rb:

  :virtual_path =>"spree/layouts/spree_application",
  :name => "remove_sidebar",
  :remove => "aside#sidebar")
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In Spree 2.1.4, I had to use virtual_path: 'spree/shared/_sidebar'. –  Will Apr 2 at 19:29

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