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When adding a custom highlight to the jqPlot chart, I simply use

$('#chart').bind('jqplotDataHighlight', function (ev, sIndex, pIndex, data) {
    var chart_top = $('#chart').offset().top,
        y = plot1.axes.yaxis.u2p(data[1]); // convert y axis units to pixels
    $('#tooltip').css({ top: chart_top + y });

as seen in the last example here. This works great on my simple bar chart. I then try the same on a stacked bar chart, and the x-values are off. Does anyone know how I can get these values or what I am doing wrong?

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Check out how I do a custom tooltip on my stacked bar chart.

The jsfiddle sample is available here.

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Thanks alot, looks good :) –  Challe May 22 '12 at 9:04

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