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Possible Duplicate:
Save my cookie data to MySQL database?

I am new in programming please co-operate with me. I have data in the form of this saved in cookies. 1:3456,2:12346,3:345678,4:1,5:3,6:3333,7:234,8:456789,9:3,10:2,11:34567,12:456,13:,13:!!145!!,14:1,Fname:Muhammad,Lname:Riazz,title:Developer,org:Magiclamp,

I want to save this data in one table 1:3456,2:12346,3:345678,4:1,5:3,6:3333,7:234,8:456789,9:3,10:2,11:34567,12:456,13:,13:!!145!!,14:1,

and want to save this an other table Fname:Muhammad,Lname:Riazz,title:Developer,org:Magiclamp,

it is possible ?

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Why do you need to insert this with 1 query? Sole row INSERT queries aren't that exhausting for the database, so you might aswell just insert twice.

Basicly MySQL doesn't allow this.

sql - insert into multiple tables in one query

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Does this answer the question? – ypercubeᵀᴹ May 14 '12 at 7:31

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