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I am trying to resolve this issue. But couldnt do it. Please help

I am trying to view all the records in my database, but getting " Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on a non-object ...." and its pointing to

if ($result = $mysqli->query("SELECT ProductName, Description, Price, Size FROM Products ORDER BY ProductID"))

Here is my Complete code



**$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", "netelmbn", "password", "netelmbn");
                       if ($mysqli->connect_errno) {
    printf("Connect failed: %s\n", $mysqli->connect_error);

                        if ($result = $mysqli->query("SELECT ProductName, Description, Price, Size FROM Products ORDER BY ProductID"))

                                if ($result->num_rows > 0)

                                        echo "<table border='1' cellpadding='10'>";

                                        echo "<tr><th>ProductID</th><th>ProductName</th><th>Description</th><th>Price</th><th>Size</th></tr>";

                                        while ($row = $result_fetch_object())

                                              echo "<tr>";
                                                echo "<td>" . $row->ProductID . "</td>";
                                                echo "<td>" . $row->ProductName . "</td>";
                                                echo "<td>" . $row->Description . "</td>";
                                                echo "<td>" . $row->Price . "</td>";
                                                echo "<td>" . $row->Size . "</td>";
                                                echo "<td><a href='records.php?ProductID=" . $row->ProductID . "'>Edit</a></td>";
                                                echo "<td><a href='delete.php?ProductID=" . $row->ProductID . "'>Delete</a></td>";
                                                echo "</tr>";
                                        echo "</table>";
                                        echo "No results to display!";
                                echo "Error: " . $mysqli->error;


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Just var_dump($mysqli); and find out why it's not an object. It's probably false btw. –  Ja͢ck May 14 '12 at 7:00
try to defined $result globally.. and check. –  Javascript Coder May 14 '12 at 7:06

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You must have some database class, check at your code.

$mysqli = new Database();

before you execute your query:

$result = $mysqli->query("SELECT ProductName, Description, Price, Size FROM Products ORDER BY ProductID");

As you can see, query goes first, then the connection resource. >> So, Connect first.

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Yes, i did that. but now i am getting fatal error in while ($row = $result_fetch_object()) –  user1321271 May 14 '12 at 7:44
you have error here -> $result_fetch_object() –  Darshit Gajjar May 14 '12 at 8:16

You need to instantiate your $mysqli obect first. You're also not opening the database anywhere.

You need, at least, something like:

$mysqli = new ClassName( /*some parameters here*/ );

$mysqli->database_open( /* some parameters here */); // or something like this, look at the clas definition
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I did not get what parameters there in mysqli = new ClassName (...) :( –  user1321271 May 14 '12 at 7:29
I have edited my code, plz have a look and now i am getting the result as all the headers, but a error Fatal error: Function name must be a string in and its pointing to while ($row = $result_fetch_object()) –  user1321271 May 14 '12 at 7:43
Hey, it is resolved. Thanks for the help. There was a syntax error in my while loop. –  user1321271 May 14 '12 at 8:02

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