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I have a JPanel with components added with absolute locations (ie. "pos x y"), and the layout is effectively two columns of textfields. What I would like to achieve would be for Tab to shift the focus to the next component vertically, so as to traverse the first column, then the second. At the moment it does it horizontally. I've tried to extend FocusTraversalPolicy but what annoyed me was that you have to add it to the JFrame and not just the panel itself - unless that's incorrect?

How can I achieve this? Thanks.

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As far as I know the default focus traversal cycle is the natural order of the childcomponents in a container, i.e. the order in which they were added to the container. I don't know MigLayout very well, but if you manage to add the components vertically, the focus traversal might follow.

You can set a FocusTraversalPolicy to any Container, however, Swing will only use it when you call setFocusTraversalPolicyProvider(true) on the same Container.

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MigLayout seems to determine the order based on the position of the components, maybe because I added them with absolute values. The second part of your answer was exactly what I was looking for though. Thanks. :) –  paranoid-android May 14 '12 at 8:17

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