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GWT Window#open method can be used to open a new browser window, but it works towards a normal synchronous URL connection. How to display the asynchronous result from the GWT RPC call in a new browser window below?

        myServiceAsync.getHtmlResult(new AsyncCallback<String>() {
             public void onSuccess(String htmlResult) {

//how to display #htmlResult in a new browser window?

             public void onFailure(Throwable caught) {}
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You will can use Javascript via JSNI to solve this problem.

Method like this does the trick:

public native void showWindowWithHtml(String html)/*-{
  var newWindow = $wnd.open("about:blank"); //receive a reference to the window object
  newWindow.document.body.innerHTML = html; //works for IE9 and Chrome 
  newWindow.onload = function(){newWindow.document.body.innerHTML = html} //works for Firefox 11


When you call, it a new window with specified HTML. Also not that js inside this native method is just an example, I don't guarantee that it will always work everywhere.

You'll have to use this approach since GWT doesn't have built-in support for working with external windows.

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Thanks for your JSNI approach, i'll have a try. – sof May 21 '12 at 8:30

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