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how do i perform wildcard search a word in lucene that contain special character. for example i have a word like "91-95483534" if i search like "91*" it works and if i search like "91-95483534" also works fine. but my senario is that to search "91-9548*". if i perform like this "91-9548*". i got no output. am i missing anything. my actual code is given below:

MultiFieldQueryParser queryParser = new MultiFieldQueryParser(new string[] {"column1","column2"}, new StandardAnalyzer());


Query query = queryParser.Parse(QueryParser.Escape(strKeyWord) + "*");
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As you used StandardAnalyzer, that indexed your word as 91 and 95483534 if you used INDEX_ANALYZED when you index.... if you want to search as 91-9548* , use INDEX_NOT_ANALYZED when you index that specified field which have "91-95483534" as terms


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