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Is there a good, scalable key-value database for .NET? Something like BerkeleyDB or Tokyo Cabinet? Specifically, it should allow to store large number of entries, which are mostly binary blobs. I'm fine if it is just a C-wrapper around some native database, as long as binaries for Win x86/x64 and Linux are available. Of course, a purely managed one would be preferred.

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Redis is the fasted key-value database around and you can easily use it in any .NET project – balexandre Aug 28 '13 at 10:17
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The new version of Berkeley DB (4.8) now comes with a C# wrapper library. Check it out:

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BDB's C# wrapper is just that, a wrapper. Something 100% C# such as Perst.NET will not only yield better overall performance, it is more maintainable, easier to extend and ultimately easier to support. – Shaun Wilson Oct 30 '09 at 5:23

How about perst? It's implemented in C# for .net.

share|improve this answer is a key/value store scalable but it works only in-memory. GetCache supports also data replication over many cluster nodes for high availability and data expiration.

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