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I am a new BB developer working on android simultaneously, I am preparing a project containing list and object choice fields in both the languages.

In blackberry, I have a list of 10 elements and on each element row I need to show an arrow button on click of that button a ObjectChoiceField will pops up.

Here, it is clear that the list and obejctchoice field both are custom.

I am very confused please let me know, how this can be achieved.

Thanx in advance..!:|enter image description here

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Is it possible to share a screenshot/sketch? Is the ObjectChoiceField needed to be placed on the row of the ListField, or it can be displayed on another popup screen? – Rupak May 14 '12 at 10:01
list will be custom - agreed but why you want custom choice field ??? – Hrushikesh Salkade May 14 '12 at 11:33

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// customize ListField How to customize a list field in blackberry?

To get clicked item just add below function to code

protected boolean navigationClick(int status, int time) {
        Field field = this.getLeafFieldWithFocus();

        if(field instanceof ListField){
            System.out.println("navigationClick Yes Yes you clicked list item ");
            ListField listField = (ListField)field;
            // this will give you clicked index.
                    int index = listField.getSelectedIndex();
            // pop up your Object choice field here...
        return true;
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