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I want to use cache in CakePHP. How do I use it?

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When I first saw this, I misread the title as "How do you use cake in cakephp" :) – Lucas Jones Jul 1 '09 at 21:16
best advice when asking a general question like this is to read the docs first, after that if you still have problems understanding, state what you didn't understand or a code sample of your app that's not behaving as expected, otherwise you'll just get links to the the manual. – cp3 Nov 12 '09 at 19:01
if(!($cachedPosts = Cache::read('cached_posts'))) {
    $cachedPosts = $this->Post->find('all');
    Cache::write('cached_posts', $cachedPosts);

In this code example you look if you have the data cached - if not, retrieve it from the database, and write it to the cache. On the next request, the data will come from the cache, not from the database.

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In the Cache documentation of the manual (1.2): http://book.cakephp.org/view/213/Cache

I would recommend that you disable caching while doing development; you'll find (hopefully not the hard way, like me) that your models and views are not changing as expected.

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Should note that if you must/want to use caching during development, you can manual clear the cache from your controller: Cache::clear() (see "7.2.6 Clearing the Cache" in the manual). – gravyface Jun 29 '09 at 13:50

Before using the cache we have to check that cache is enabled or disabaled in


we have to uncomment this line in core.php

//Configure::write('Cache.disable', true);

After that we use

$varible = Cache::read('variable');
Cache::write('posts', $posts);
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Check out the /app/config/core.php file.

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CakePHP provides by default file based caching at model level also...

then also to maintain manual caching for any application you can use

Cache::set(array('duration' => '+100 days'));

type functions to maintain file based cache

For memcache or any other concept you can take the following links as reference:

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