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I want to extract the source code from the apk file. Fot that purpose i referred a link given on net.But when i am running the dex2jar classes.dex on command prompt i am getting "Error ocurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap Could not create the JVM " Please guide me how to overcome this error.

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For Source code you need 2 tools

 i) dex2jar 
ii) jd-gui

for using this tools you need a .apk file then

 step 1 : Right click on that .apk file and convert it into .zip 
 step 2: unZip that file then take classes.dex from this unzip folder 
 step 3: Go to cmd then go to the path of dex2jar folder like D:\dex2jar tools\dex2jar-\dex2jar- 
 step 4: write dex2jar classes.dex
 step 5: press Enter 
 step 6: then see in path   D:\dex2jar tools\dex2jar-\dex2jar-  you can see a .zip file of classes then unzip and
 step 7 : import that files in jd-gui software
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