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is it possible for javascript inside an iFrame to update the URL (hash) of the parent page (and retrieve it) Does it have any permissions?

To further explain, I have no hosting for this domain, I can only set up an Iframe. I also cannot use a DNS config to get that page to display because of limitations of my hoster. I also cannot transfer the domain to them to make that work because my clients wants to keep control of the domain.

Thank you for your help!

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If the <iframe> page is within the same domain, probably yes. Otherwise you don't get access to the parent page due to cross-domain restrictions.

You can change the URL of the parent page though:

top.location.href = '';
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due to security constraints you will not be able to access properties of the parent window IF the domain,port or protocol is different than the one in the iframe.

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To be short, the answer is NO.

Your script works only inside the context of that iframe. If you try for example,

var loc = document.location;

you will see what I mean.

One solution is that when you give the other side your iframe, you should add a script in witch you can do whatever you want, because it runs on their domain. Maybe dynamically create the source of your iframe and stuff.

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