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I'm building a central authentication service(, similar to what Google has on I have multiple applications, each running on a different subdomain(, which will be integrating with my auth service.

I am currently following a cookie based system, written on "" domain, so that it is readable by all the subdomains.

My problem is that I cant figure how to handle the cookie expiry. If the user logs in at time t, and spends 45 mins on, and then goes to, I dont want him to have to login again. Also, if the user logs in on and is then idle for 45 mins, and then hits, I want him to have to relogin. How can I achieve this?

I dont want to touch the auth server on every request I get on app1 or app2.

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I do not think that is really possible.If that is the case, there will be a security hole in the entire flows of the applications.An cookie expired user can still access the resources on server app1 and app2 without authentication or some other trusted mechanism!.

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