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I'm followind the Rails Tutorial but have a problem in section 3.2.1, just before figure 3.6. When running

$ bundle exec rspec spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb

I get failure

  1) StaticPages GET /static_pages works! (now write some real specs)
     Failure/Error: get static_pages_index_path
       undefined local variable or method `static_pages_index_path' for # <RSpec::Core::ExampleGroup::Nested_1::Nested_1:0x007fe7592b33b8>
     # ./spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb:7:in `block (3 levels) in <top (required)>'    
Finished in 0.00454 seconds
1 example, 1 failure
Failed examples:
rspec ./spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb:5 # StaticPages GET /static_pages works! (now write some real specs)

here are the files :


require 'spec_helper'
describe "Static pages" do
  describe "Home page" do
    it "should have the content 'Sample App'" do
      visit '/static_pages/home'
      page.should have_content('Sample App')


class StaticPagesController < ApplicationController
  def home
  def help


<h1>Sample App</h1>
  This is the home page for the
  <a href="http://railstutorial.org/">Ruby on Rails Tutorial</a>
  sample application.


SecondApp::Application.routes.draw do
  get "static_pages/home"
  get "static_pages/help"


source 'https://rubygems.org'
gem 'rails', '3.2.3'
group :development do
  gem 'sqlite3', '1.3.5'
  gem 'rspec-rails', '2.9.0'
  gem 'guard-rspec', '0.5.5'
group :assets do
  gem 'sass-rails',   '3.2.4'
  gem 'coffee-rails', '3.2.2'
  gem 'uglifier', '1.2.3'
gem 'jquery-rails', '2.0.0'
group :test do
  gem 'rspec-rails', '2.9.0'
  gem 'capybara', '1.1.2'
  gem 'growl', '1.0.3'
group :production do
  gem 'pg', '0.12.2'

Any idea about what I did wrong ?

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Your error doesn't correspond to the code you posted. Files not saved? – Art Shayderov May 14 '12 at 11:23
Try running rake routes. You must not have a static_pages_index_path. Maybe it's supposed to be static_pages_home_path? – MrDanA May 14 '12 at 20:11
The code you've posted seems mixed up GET /static_pages works! (now write some real specs) does not seem correct in relation to what you've posted. – Tom May 19 '12 at 17:58
If you're having trouble figuring out what paths you have available to you and you always want to have them in front of you, skip ahead briefly in the book to chapter 6, specifically to the section on annotating your models. Here, once you've installed the annotate gem, you can run annotate -r to annotate your routes.rb with the information generated from a rake routes command. – Paul Fioravanti Jul 1 '12 at 15:03
I got this error too...in my case, it is because I had missed the step 'replace the code in spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb' with the following...'. Is it possible you missed that step, or perhaps didn't save the file after you edited it, so that rspec is actually attempting the default test (fetching static_pages/index)? – Iain Sep 22 '12 at 14:55

I was having this problem as well; the tutorial seems to have missed a step.

in static_pages_spec.rb, the line:

get static_pages_index_path

...should be changed to:

get static_pages_home_path

This is because there is no index method in static_pages_controller.rb. The index is instead called home.

I reviewed your code, however, and it seems your static_pages_spec.rb file does not match the tutorial, but I guess you're copying the code from another place? I do not see static_pages_index_path anywhere, except in your console error text, which seems odd.

This is my static_pages_spec.rb in its entirety (at this stage), which passes the test:

require 'spec_helper'

describe "StaticPages" do
  describe "GET /static_pages" do
    it "works! (now write some real specs)" do
      # Run the generator again with the --webrat flag if you want to use webrat methods/matchers
      get static_pages_home_path
      response.status.should be(200)

After this, the tutorial (in Listing 3.12) superseeds this step, changing static_pages_spec.rb altogether, although forgetting to explicitly recommend the change. This makes my code above irrelevant, but hopefully it explains your error.

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This is what worked for me, thanks! – mharris7190 Feb 19 '14 at 7:37

Have a closer look at your spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb. Please make sure you've deleted get static_pages_index_path line.

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You have to update your app/views/static_pages/help.html.erb page to contain 'Sample App' in the same way as you have done with home.html.erb.

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I had the same problem and I figured it out in the following way. I am also a newbie (first Stack Overflow post... nervous), so I don't have the jargon down:

The reason I was getting this error is that I didn't create the staticpages controller described in Listing 3.4 of the tutorial (I think I deleted it messing around with the practice commands that follow Listing 3.4 teaching you how to ahem, delete things). The way to check if you don't have the staticpages controller is to go to:

sample_app/controllers/ and so I only had the application_controller.rb file there and no static_pages_controller.rb.

So you have to run the rails generate controller StaticPages home help --no-test-framework command and get that controller in there.

You can double-check your work by going to localhost:3000/static_pages/home and seeing if there is actually something there.

Then edit, per the tutorial, the home.html.erb files and check back to static_pages/home to see if it actually says "Sample App".

If static_pages/home actually says "Sample App" and the test is still a failure when you run it, then only God can help you. Or maybe someone else on Stack Overflow. Good luck.

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Have you deleted the public/index.html? This could be causing the problem.

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When you add "config.include Capybara::DSL" to the bottom of the RSpec helper file, in the section right before this, you may have forgotten to save the page. That is done by pressing the Command + S keys together. Sometimes it is also a good idea to restart your Rails Server if something doesn't work the way you expect it to the first time.

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The problem is that you are trying to run a generated spec that doesn't actually work yet. The tutorial tells you to replace the body of that spec with this:

it "should have the content 'Sample App'" do
  visit '/static_pages/home'
  page.should have_content('Sample App')

Note that it says "visit", not "get", and so on...

This happened because the spec generator (rails generate integration_test static_pages) assumes that there is a valid RESTful resource with lots of named routes, including _index_path, but that's simply not the case for this controller in this tutorial.

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I was facing a similar problem. When you edit the static_pages_spec.rb, it looks like you typed this command (in listings 3.9)

<editor name> static_pages_spec.rb

whereas you had to type

<editor name> spec/requests/static_pages_spec.rb

This will surely solve your problem.

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