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I am trying to write an iPhone game using cocos2d and Box2D, which means I have to mix between Objective-C and C++. I have a question regarding using pointers to objects of gameLevels and levelObjects that I have created.

I have a class called GameLevel which contains a vector of levelObjects. I thought that using pointers was the way to do it, to make sure I use as little memory as possible. That means that my vector is

std::vector<LevelObject*>* levelObjects;

The LevelObject class contains the sprite, b2bodyDef and so on, all pointers as well.

The problems started when I wanted to iterate through this vector when I wanted to draw a level. The code I wrote was this:

-(void)startLevel:(b2World*) world withLevel:(GameLevel*) level{
std::vector<LevelObject*>::iterator it;
for (it = level->getLevelObjects()->begin() ; it != level->getLevelObjects()->end(); ++it) {
    CCSprite* sprite = it->sprite; //Here XCode complaints about "Member reference base type 'LevelObject *' is not a structure or union" and "Use of undeclared identifier 'sprite'". I cannot seem to access any of the objects variables/methods from it->

So the question I ask is: Is this a good way to to this, with a pointer to vector of pointers? And why doesn't the iteration work?

Thanks :)

EDIT: getLevelObjects() are:

std::vector<LevelObject*>* getLevelObjects(){return levelObjects;}
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Your iterators point to pointers, so you need two dereferences:


the dereference of the iterator,


gives you a LevelObject*.

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Ah, of course! :D –  Jambaman May 14 '12 at 11:45

You have two levels of indirection, the iterator and the pointer inside the vector.

You need (*it) to get to the pointer, and then use -> to dereference that:

CCSprite* sprite = (*it)->sprite;
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