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I am trying to have a routing rule which does the below


when this url is loaded, the system should fetch the value after # and use it to generate user output.

I tried to add this rule in the routes.rb file

 match "tab/show#:value => "tab#show"

but i could not able to use this and fetch the value after # like

@current = request["value"]

Please suggest.

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This part of url isn't being sent to the server during request. So, naturally, you can't get access to it on the server-side. Use javascript to access it.

And it's not Rails' "feature". It's common thing.

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If you change your root to

match "tab/show/:value => "tab#show"

and use the URL


then it will be available in the params hash:

@current = params[:value]

Unless you have a good reason for your current structure then this is the best way to do it.


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