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I'm trying some stuff for the moment and now it's trying to display the content of a log file in a HTML page.

So, I add ssi on; in my Nginx .conf file and add this to the HTML page :

<!--#include file="../../../../var/log/nginx/logs.access.log" -->

The path is good but I'm always having this error :

[an error occurred while processing the directive]

Would you have any idea ?

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<!--#include file= in nginx is the same thing as <!--# include virtual=, so ../../../../var/log/nginx/logs.access.log doesn't look like valid request.

But you can add location like this:

location = /logs.access.log {
    root /var/log/nginx;

and use <!--#include file="/logs.access.log" --> accordingly.

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Thanks, it made it :) –  Axiol May 16 '12 at 16:25

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