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Does it make sense to develop a rest service with node.js backed with mongodb? Is there a framework to make this easy like express?


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Why can't you use express? It implements all CRUD methods through:


In these function calls you can handle your mongodb queries and send JSON objects back to the client, if appropriate.

I hope I could help! :)

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I thought express was for generating web pages, I am very new in nodejs area as you can see from my question :) Thanks for help! – Élodie Petit May 14 '12 at 11:32

Like graydsl said express allready supports these verbs. To parse JSON you would just use JSON.parse and to stringify you would use JSON.stringify. I would use Mongoose to talk to mongodb. Also to help you write clean code I would practice TDD/BDD using mocha. Finally I think you should have a look at underscore, async and superagent.

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