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I'm trying to get "Recent Posts by Others" posts(/feeds) from Facebook's Timeline page and integrate to my site.
Previously i tried facebook comments plugin, then i realized it wasn't comments :(. But i like facebook comments plugins, it's easy.
For example, has "Recent Posts by Others" posts, and i want these posts add to my site, then users'll have opportunity to add their posts and comments.
i can see posts as JSON from there: (or /spg/feed)
I really don't want to work on JSON data, maybe facebook has some plugin or service to show these posts. Do you have any recommendations? (It would be best, if there solution like facebook comments plugins for posts)

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Sorry, but I think there is no such thing... The complete list of Facebook social plugins is documented here You might have to work with JSON...

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it seems you're right, but it's not easy implementing identical facebook post, it's DRY of facebook. i hope somebody has better solution, otherwise i'll accept your answer :) – Ikrom May 14 '12 at 11:23

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