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I have this piece of html:

  <td class="has-checkbox">
    <input id="abc" class=... value=...>
  <td class="has-label">
    <label for="abc">Name1234</label>

I need to make an xpath that gets me the input element, based on whats in the label, in this case Name1234.

In other words, for this case, I need an xpath to the input element, and the path must contain Name1234, as its variable.

Anyone who can help me out here?

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What xpath have you already tried? – May 14 '12 at 10:19

//input[@id = //label[. = 'Name1234']/@for] selects input element(s) with an id attribute value equal to the for attribute value of label elements where the contents is Name1234.

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This is pretty slick... +1 – rishimaharaj May 14 '12 at 13:32

Here is a solution using the Axes parent and preceding-sibling:


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It's not so complicated as you think:


in other words, you are looking for the 'tr' which contains 'label' with text "Name1234". If the condition is true, you are getting the 'input' element

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You can use /.. , this syntax use to move back to parent node. In your case:


You must move back 2 times because input tag is the child of another td tag.

Here are others introduction and example about you should read.

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