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Running rsync -av /cygdrive/c/src /cygdrive/c/dest successfully synchronizes all files in src with the dest folder on Windows' C: drive.

However if the dest folder is located in an encfs partition X:, I get a "/cygdrive/x/dest/.a.txt.G5csoY" -> "src/a.txt": File exists (17) error.

The file a.txt cannot be synced. Apparently rsync cannot rename the temp file .a.txt.G5scoY to a.txt.

In the end file a.txt is removed from the dest folder by rsync. So running rsync again with the same parameters successfully copies the file.

How can I successfully sync two directories by running rsync just once?

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Try to use something like --temp-dir="/cygdrive/C/" , where C:\ is location for temp files.

It helped me, I found reasons to do so here.

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