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I'm rather new to PHP or to be more specify new to projects that is at least a bit complex and has a lot of classes. Up till now using require_once was ok. However on a new project it is getting a bit messy with tons of includes of which not all are always required.

What I'm creating is a client for a complex public web service (which is not in my control). That client will then be used in applications.

I looked at spl_autoload_register but not really getting it to work. The directory of this project is:


lets say the class of the client that will be directly by applications used is in


That class must "load" all possible required classes. How can I achieve that?

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Look at PSR-0 (gist.github.com/1234504) proposal. Maybe It will be helpful. –  radmen May 14 '12 at 11:22

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  1. Create autoload function
  2. Register point 1 function into spl_autoload_register. link
  3. If you just have __autoload as autoload function, you have not to register it. link
  4. Write your autoload function


function __autoload($classname) {    
   $filename = ROOT."\\". $classname .".php"; //you can define ROOT by define('ROOT','dir path');    

So, when you declare

$myclass = new webServiceClient\src\path\same;

autolaod will include ROOT.'webServiceClient\src\path\same.php'

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'/' is not a namespace separator. Valid namespace separator is '\', and I'm not sure if Your autoloader will handle it properly. –  radmen May 14 '12 at 11:20
@radmen thanx for remaining me.... +1 –  bitoshi.n May 14 '12 at 11:28

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