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Im referring square crossfilter plugin for javascript

In my app, users are be able to select specific date ranges and each time the date is changed, an ajax request creates a json object which is fed into crossfilter.

I want to be able to remove the existing crossfilter (objects on screen as well as events) and start a new with the newly created json object.

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According to the documentation, you should be able to undo a filter either by applying




to your object.

However, I have found this does not necessarily work, so perhaps the better thing to do would be to apply a fresh filter to a new crossfilter object.

If you can provide some code for better context that would be helpful.

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I think what he was after (Or at least what I am after now) is to actually remove records from the crossfilter dataset, not just remove the filters. – daemonl Feb 5 '13 at 3:03

You need to reset the filters on all dimensions derived from the crossfilter to reset it. For example, if you have applied the following filters

payments_by_quantity.filter([1, Infinity]);

you need to reset each single one to return to the original state:


This makes sense, as it allows you to selectively activate/deactivate filters on the dimensions you have defined.

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if(crossFilter.size() > 0) {
     // Need to apply filter to all first
     // Then call remove
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