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I've got a Rails 3.2.3 app with the default_locale set to :nl. When I start the app using Thin or Unicorn, the app's locale is set to :en. When I use Webrick, the locale is correctly set to :nl.

This change is triggered by a commit that updates several third-party gems, although I have not been able to single out any one gem upgrade in particular -- I can reverse each of them individually and get the same result. However, when I checkout the offending commit's parent, all is well too.

When I run the app on a remote server in production mode, it all works fine, so it seems to be local to my machine.

I have removed every single installed gem and re-installed them all, which made no difference.

Does anyone have any idea what might trigger this behaviour? And especially why using webrick or unicorn would make a difference?

Edit: I have pinpointed the bug to be triggered by upgrading Draper from 0.11 to 0.12 (issue at Github). Not sure if it is also the cause.

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Unicorn might remember locale setting across requests, but this problem is not solved by rebooting unicorn or switching to thin. It is solved by switching to webrick. This link seems unrelated. –  avdgaag May 14 '12 at 11:05

This problem has occured to me before wich was triggered by the "active_admin" gem you might want to use an earlier version to prevent this, I do not really know wich one so you can play around with it a little.

another option would be to set the active_admin locale in a before_filter,

config.before_filter :set_admin_locale

And set_admin_locale is in the application_controller:

def set_admin_locale
  I18n.locale = :nl

hope it helped

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I do not use active_admin. Do you of any other gems that trigger the same behavior? –  avdgaag May 14 '12 at 12:28
Just check your configuration files if there is an locale dependency for any of your gems thats how I figured out. –  dennis May 14 '12 at 15:17
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I managed to track this problem down to a bad practice in my own Rails app that caused a bug by upgrading the Draper gem. There's a full explanation in the Draper documentation.

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